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Solucions creatives: the importance of expressive speech / Shirley Hazzard

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Hazzard258“I do like to write dialogue: it’s a matter of developing the ear. There is so much unconsidered speech, one’s own included (not to speak of the audible nightmare of the cell phone), that expressive speech becomes a luxury. And, speech–in literature as in life–can crucially suggest what is not said.”

Shirley Hazzar entrevistada per J. D. McClatchy a Paris Review

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Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit, Jeanette Winterson

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If you google the title on the internet, the first thing you learn is how Winterson’s “Pentecostal upbringing” influenced his first novel, supposedly “semi-biographical”. But beyond all gossip, what interests us is how skilfully Wintersone wrote her very first piece. It is a text upon which you can zoom in and out and feel equally comfortable; it has a great sense of place, attention to detail and characters are fully developed, rich and meaningful throughout the novel.

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